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Geometry optimization of pavement for one set of wheels per slab
Design based on finite element modeling
Engineering applied for each project
Optipave 2. TCPavements design software
Construction consulting

Design system for concrete Pavements with TCP® Technology

Methodology that allows philosophical changes in the design of pavements, dimensioning the slab in a way that they are never loaded by more than one set of wheels of a vehicle. This reduces the thickness of concrete required or increases fatigue lifespan.

Approvals (Documents)


TCP in Tierra del Fuego: Review of the first MOP project
November 26, 2018

In November, a technical visit to the pavement of the Cerro Sombrero - Onaissin section, sector 1, Chile, located on the island of Tierra del ...

First official project in Costa Rica
September 25, 2018

This project corresponds to the paving of an area of platforms of the Kimberly Clark industrial ...

Two important projects in Peru
Jun 21, 2018

For years, the technology of short slabs has been spreading in the Republic of Peru with various ...

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Since 2007. TCP® technology has generated substantial savings in paving various projects over traditional solutions

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Our Prices

Design Thickness TCP®
Without fiber
8 cm
9 - 12 cm
13 - 15 cm
16 - 18 cm
> 18 cm
Fiber Reinforced
7 - 8 cm
9 - 11 cm
12 - 14 cm
15 - 17 cm
> 17 cm
International Costs (m2)
US$ 0,7
US$ 1,1
US$ 1,4
US$ 1,6
US$ 1,8