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Mission and vision

Our mission is to implement technology and innovation in concrete pavement designs in any area with greater durability and lower cost resources. Our vision is to provide an innovative patented design to implement the short slabs system in concrete pavements, which allows to reduce pavement thickness, keeping durability and serviceability trough time.

Who we are

TCPavements is a Chilean company founded in 2007, to develop, commercialize and to license a revolutionary invention of the design and construction of concrete pavements in the world-wide concept.

The company is formed by a specialized equipment of engineers; leaders in its areas, in charge of new projects, and the improvements needed to optimize solutions in concrete pavement design.

Juan Pablo Covarrubias V.
Managing Director
Carlos Binder
Territory Business Manager
Pelayo Del Rio B.
Territory Business Manager
Matías Fernández
Pavement Engineer
Carlos Neustadtl
Perú Manager

In order to expand this technology internationally, the company is forming agencies in different regions and countries, to advice on the TCP technology, and work as consultants for regional projects.

Perú: TCPavements Perú
Colombia: Pavinfra
México: JE Pavimentos
Ecuador: Holcim
Australia: Donoso & Sons
Indonesia: Donoso & Sons
New Zealand: CANZAC